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Mortimer Jackson – Revolution [Review]

Mortimer Jackson – Revolution [Review]

London-based singer/songwriter Mortimer Jackson has just released his newest single ‘Revolution’.

Mortimer Jackson - Revolution (Official Lyric Video)

If the track were a storm, guitar would be its eye. Constant, driving, almost encouraging—the propulsion provided by a relentless uprising.

Listeners are instantaneously swept off their feet with Jackson’s new release; a certain edge to his undeniable skill is intriguing, a perfect match to the energy building in the vocals.

Jackson’s distinctive Indie Rock style—accompanied with a BritPop influence—is catchy, yes, but there’s a hook; like all rock-influenced music, there is something undeniably cool about ‘Revolution.’ It is unapologetically direct and music is its message’s medium.

Rife with attitude, grit, and passion, ‘Revolution’ calls out repressors who pay no mind to those who music so often represents: the lonely, the sad, the lost. Jackson captures that feeling of wanting to just do something about the “system” (or lack thereof). To put it simply, Mortimer Jackson has just captured the kind of spark that lights up eyes with passion and burns very brightly, for a very long time.

A great track to play whether you’re dreaming up a revolution or powering through a workout, Revolution delivers three minutes and 23 seconds of inspiration right to your ears.


By Madison Obermeyer

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