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Moon Panda – Rabbit [Review]

Moon Panda – Rabbit [Review]

Moon Panda’s latest release ‘Rabbit’ is a sultry track that has the ability to really get under the listeners’ skin.

The premise behind the track is that of ‘unhealthy love,’ and is desired to reflect the feelings of someone trying to find the strength to end a love affair that is doing them more harm than good.  It’s the age-old predicament that so many of us have found ourselves caught up in, and this track really encompasses those emotions.

Kicking off with a gentle percussion that remains very much the backbone throughout, the vocals are peaceful and sultry, yet vulnerable, portraying the female angst behind the song.  Beautifully reaching the high notes as the track builds, you can feel her pain, and the trap she is keeping herself in.  An electric guitar provides a touching pairing, and the vocals overlap slightly at times, creating an impression of conflicting feelings.

Toward the end the track builds up a lot, more instruments and sounds are introduced, reaching a climax as though that of ultimate frustration, before instantly changing back to the simple vocal and percussion from the start.  This is a charming number, filled with tranquil angst, and above all, guaranteed to ignite similar feelings in the listener.


Review by Helen Radford

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