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mistakes – Nightmares

mistakes – Nightmares

mistakes are a band who have emerged from Hollywood, after forming in New York and heading west to continue their musical journey.  With a definitive pop rock style teamed with an alternative sound, the result is music that’s full of emotion with a strong message.

Their latest track ‘Nightmares’ has dark undertones throughout – the title and lyrics instantly portray a hint of trouble, and you get a sense of frustration coming from the lead vocals.  The track immediately throws you into a strong rock sound, with deep electric guitars and synth sounds, before the drums come crashing in for the chorus.  The vocals are extremely fierce, with her versatile voice hitting the high notes perfectly.  The bridge brings out a scream like sound, which goes hand in hand with that classic rock style.  The video is one to watch, it’s a blend of dark images and shaky camera work, which work as a stark reminder of nightmares, and the feeling of being trapped in one.


Review by Helen Radford

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