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Miranda Joan – Grind [Review]

Miranda Joan – Grind [Review]

Soulful singer-songwriter Miranda Joan impressed us with her new track ‘Grind’.

Taken from the debut EP ‘Still’, ‘Grind’ combines retro soul with an electronic edge, perfectly blurring the lines between old school and contemporary. Miranda’s voice is a powerhouse, filled with the depth, emotion and humanity you’d expect from a seasoned vocalist.

The stand-out vocals are impressive, but what really impacts is the unique production and instrumentation. This is an artist putting her on twist on an age-old style of making music, and the results are staggering.

Bi-coastal and bilingual, Miranda Joan was born in Montréal and raised in Vancouver. Both the English and French Canadian cultures have left their mark on her artistry. Coupled with a love of soul music and its many shades, Miranda Joan finds herself somewhere in-between genres along the edges of jazz, singer-songwriter and soul.


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