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Mira Lu Kovacs – Want You [Review]

Mira Lu Kovacs – Want You [Review]

Want You is the new single from Vienna based Mira Lu Kovacs.

If it’s infectious rhythms and angelic vocal melodies that you’re looking for, then you’re in the right place. Want You has all this and more in abundance. The track oozes maturity and guile, with every little nuance effortlessly finding its place in the overall sound. It comes as no surprise, as Mira Lu Kovacs has been involved in one or two albums every year since 2013.

The first thing that jumps out at you is the upbeat guitar work and impressive vocal range. It has the same suaveness that Fiest encompasses, bringing a slight eeriness to a super smooth rhythmic soup. You can’t help but become enamoured by the serene falsetto that crops up every now and again, too. It gives the track a superb dynamic, creating the feeling that this is what Mira Lu Kovacs was born to do. Want You is the latest release from the new album What Else Can Break, which you can catch now.

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