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Milo Gore – State [Review]

Milo Gore – State [Review]

‘State’ is the latest single from Falmouth-based singer-songwriter Milo Gore and was co-written by electronica artist Jay Beale.

Beginning with soft electronic instrumentals and constantly featuring a light beat, ‘State’ is carried forward by Gore’s rough around the edges vocals and melancholy charm. The song comes to life as Gore’s regretful lyrics crash into your eardrums, with his commanding but contrite tone injecting a sense of personality into the track and filling it with emotion.

Gore’s raw vocals are complemented by wonderful harmonies which kick in shortly before the first chorus, and the relaxed sound of his female counterpart prevents the track from becoming whiney or overwhelming. The harmonies offset some of Gore’s aggression and allow the power of his lyricism to shine through, giving the song a greater sense of gravitas than it would’ve otherwise had. The end result is a track which comes together perfectly, admirably towing the line between complacent and reflective.

‘State’ is a shining example of organic pop: downbeat but hopeful, poignant yet restrained, it gets better every time you hear it.


Review by Ben Whittaker

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