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Mildenhall – Small Step for Man [Review]

Mildenhall – Small Step for Man [Review]

Small Step for Man is the first solo release from Mildenhall.

This is one of those tracks that just oozes coolness throughout. It has the right amount of melancholy and hits the perfect balance of groove, too. It all began with songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Tom Benke, laying down a guitar loop and letting the song evolve into a masterful soundscape. Describing the process as ‘slowly adding different ambient parts…till it felt right’, gives you a great insight into the dedication and hard work has gone into producing something that is completely awe-inspiring.

There’s an abundance of influences that shine through on this one. The overall feel of the track is similar to 2011 era Radiohead, as the jarring drumming patterns take the track in a new direction after the incredible ambience has already laid down the foundations. If you’re a fan of Grizzly Bear, this is also the track for you. The unique way Mildenhall utilises his vocal range and adds quirky, ethereal tones mirror the alt-indie band spectacularly. Small Step for Man is a monumental start for the talented American, and is one not to be missed!

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