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Michael Robert Murphy – Out of Sight [Review]

Michael Robert Murphy – Out of Sight [Review]

Michael Robert Murphy has gone solo with his debut track Out of Sight.

After writing and performing in bands, Michael Robert Murphy has decided to go it on his own. Taking inspiration from fellow Liverpudlians such as The Coral and The Zutons, his debut track is a special indie rock journey. Out of sight has the same charm and grace as those indie rock greats, with scintillating guitar hooks and vivid imagery being the backbone of this awesome tune.

The charming and slightly raw vocal style invites you into his world of sweetly woven melody. You instantly feel relaxed and connected to the track, which is a hard skill to master for an artist. Michael does this with excellent poise, resulting in a stand out track that is easy going, yet full of beans. Be sure to check this one out as it definitely sits right at the top of the indie rock perch.

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