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MFRSM – Fast Factors [Review]

MFRSM – Fast Factors [Review]

Fast Factors is the first single from MFRSM’s upcoming album Lie, Lie, Lie.

What a way to kick off a brand new album. Fast Factors has everything you could want in a rough and ready post-punk anthem. The screeching guitar melody is finely tuned, finding the chaotic good that is within everyone. Naturally, the thumping bass and perfectly weighted drumming only add to this sense of chaos. Fast Factors is one of those tracks that is designed to grip you and not let go.

With influences ranging from The Cure to IDLES to Protomartyr, MFRSM take a little from each to produce their own brand of post-punk. Fused with Middle-Eastern influences, they have forged a sound that makes them that little bit more unique. If exciting post-punk vibes is your bag, then you don’t need to look any further. Fast Factors is out now, and Lie Lie Lie is on the horizon.

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