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Metropoly – You Were Right [Review]

Metropoly – You Were Right [Review]

Metropoly debut their captivating synth heavy single ‘You Were Right’.

Metropoly are a synth-pop duo consisting of Julian Ferraldo (lead vocals, synths, production) and Ben Loran (synths, beats, production). The pair have been working together for over 10 years and channel 80s pop, 90s R&B and early 2000s electronica.

Before forming Metropoly, Ferraldo focused his time on songwriting while Loran spent his time DJing around New York City. The duo previously performed as Lovesport and gained some critical interest through a collaboration with Kris Menace. However, over a bowl of noodles in New York’s Chinatown, the pair decided to shed all previous endeavors and start afresh, with the newly adopted title Metropoly.

Taking influence from Phil Collins, Teddy Riley and Junior Boys, the duo aspires to be a modern-day Hall & Oates. Their debut single ‘You Were Right’ is atmospheric and brooding but remains approachable and soulful. Ferraldo’s classical training naturally compliments Loran’s synth origins, to create a sound with interesting harmonies and ambitious musical progressions. While Ferraldo’s ambient vocals perfectly suit Loran’s layered percussion and evolving arpeggios.

Metropoly are currently in the studio collaborating with vocalist Renélin on a follow-up single and are excited to start debuting their new material live.


Review by Kate Pearson

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