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Meresha [Interview]

We caught up with indie singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Meresha to chat about her latest EP Enter the Dreamland, festival appearances and more.



Hey Meresha! How has 2017 been for you?

2017 has been great.

I’ve worked with some great people to further shape my music, especially my EP “Enter the Dreamland”, where 2 Grammy winners/nominees helped fine tune the music.

The amazing David Rousseau filmed the title song with me in the LA river and in Malibu, and we just won a Music California Video fan award.

I’ve also had a chance to share some of my music live, which was awesome.

These days, I’m still working on getting the EP out, especially on places like Spotify, and getting ready for new adventures, including DJing.


Tell us about the inspiration and ideas behind your latest EP Enter the Dreamland

Enter the Dreamland is a journey into a new world.  The first song “Enter the Dreamland” opens the door.  “Stardust” shows you the route through.  “Jungle Potion” gets you going, so that you make it through the “Violet Night”.  Once that’s all done, it’s “Lights Out”.




How did you approach writing and producing the record? 

Music comes to me from various inspirations.  Things I see or do, nature, travels, etc.  The bits of songs also come together in various ways.  Sometimes it starts with some words or lyrics, sometimes with music.  I compose mainly using my keyboards.  Usually the first version of my songs are recorded just by me on my laptop.  Many of the vocals have been then re-recorded in sound booths.  For “Enter the Dreamland”, I also has some great musicians add some more sounds, for example the horns on “Jungle Potion”.


You had an awesome festival appearance alongside some huge artists earlier this year. How was your experience at SunFest?

SunFest was a bit of an out of body experience.  I’ve played for a few thousand people before at festivals and in big rooms, but there was something like 40,000 there when I went on.



So far, it was me in the mosh pit watching my idols.  Now it was me on stage, with an even bigger me projected on a huge screen behind me.   The gig went by fast.  The reaction of fans was great.  I went down after my set to say hi to fans while the next act was setting up and it was insane.  Bunches of people wanted to take selfies and say hi.

Can’t wait to do something similar again.


Do you have plans to release any more new music any time soon?

I am working on a song or two right now.  Stay tuned.  If they develop as I hope, I may be able to share pretty soon.


Where and when can we catch you playing live?

I hope to play in the summer again, though it might be in Europe.


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