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Merci-Lisa – Sweet Boi [Review]

Merci-Lisa – Sweet Boi [Review]

Nigerian afrobeat artist Merci-Lisa has released her debut single ‘Sweet Boi’ on major streaming platforms.

Merci-Lisa was born and raised in Ogun State, where she developed her love for music in her local church before dabbling in songwriting at age 10. Now, she’s found her groove, and it’s all about empowering others.

The track isn’t your typical love song; it not only shares Merci-Lisa’s past experiences, but follows the “self-love first” trend sweeping the female artist category by storm. Merci-Lisa teaches young women and men to set their own expectations to be loved back.

Groovy rhythms are suspended by atmospheric, ethereal synthetic pop. Merci-Lisa’s unique take on afropop is the perfect combination of strong and genuine. Each vulnerable moment is met with a staccato, passionate response.

While the instrumentals were enough to carry the weight of the song, it seemed as if the message was barely unattainable. The beat was so carefree that I didn’t care to listen to the words themselves, it was enough just to feel them.

Merci-Lisa knows love is a two-way street—with this single, she better be ready to get back all the heart she put into it.


By Madison Obermeyer

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