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‘Show Me How’ by Men I Trust is a laid-back indie track and makes for one, or several, easy listens.

This song is slow, with a solid rhythm and mellow melody – this combined with floating vocals and a solid bass line – makes for a memorising combination. Far too quickly the song is over. Fair warning, you might find yourself listening to this track over and over again.

Men I Trust are from Montreal, Canada and are very much a DIY kind of band. They record, mix, master and shoot their music videos. It is clear with both listening and watching, they are nailing the dreamy indie vibe. You get lost in their music very quickly.  Put them on a playlist for your next trip – be it a commute or road trip – and the time will melt away.

The band put together relaxing rhythms, but with a subtle beat so you’ll find your foot tapping away to it. If you’re a fan of The XX, Fiest or Laura Marling, they could be one of your new favourites.


Review by Ellie Lewis

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