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Mellor [Interview]

We caught up with UK indie four-piece Mellor to find out what they got up to last year, learn their plans for 2018 and listen to their awesome new single ‘Arms Length’, which officially drops on February 16th.


Meet Mellor; Gary Kingham (Vocals / Guitar), Sam Igoe (Drums), Kris Bell (Guitar), and Josh Woodward (Bass)


How was 2017 for Mellor? What have you guys been up to and what was the highlight? 

2017 was great, we played a lot of shows, met a lot of new people, and got a lot of new music out. Highlight would probably be the “Bone Idle” release. We had a lot of support around it, especially from Spotify and Apple Music.


Tell us about the new single ‘Arms Length’.

We actually recorded Arms Length back in March 2017. We tend to go into the studio with our producer Mo Hausler and record four or five tracks at a time. Arms Length is the last track from that recording session in March last year.

The song is actually about how mental health can sometimes affect and prevent people from having normal relationships -- the line “hold me at arms length” is like wanting the affection and comfort from a relationship, but not being able to fully delve into it. There seems to be such a stigma around mental health, especially in the music industry, and we really feel that people should be more confident in talking about it.



How does Mellor approach the whole songwriting & creative process?

I don’t think we have any particular approach to writing songs, it varies. Some days you can be in the studio and absolutely nothing is working, other days you could get some really good ideas flowing. A song could come from a demo Gary writes, a guitar part that Kristian put’s together, or a drum beat. Once we’ve worked out the form of a new song, we can then really have a look at making it interesting.


You released video for the ‘Bone Idle’ a few months back. Got plans to put out any more music vids this year?

We will have, yeah. We’re just in the process of getting a few ideas sorted for the next couple of releases.


Mellor - Bone Idle (Official Video)


Is there a new full album or EP coming soon?

No album just yet. We’ll have physical EP’s available from the 16th of February to coincide with the Arms Length release. We wanted to collate the last four singles (Fire on Fire, Bone Idle, You Were Right, Arms Length) into one piece of work. We recorded a few different interludes and links in the studio so the EP will sound like one long track. There will be plenty of new music in 2018.


What can we expect from your live show and where can we catch you on tour?

High energy. We always try to put on a show when we’re playing live no matter where it is or how many people are there. People are there to see you and listen to your songs at the end of the day, so the least you can do is make it entertaining.

We’ve got a few dates for the start of the year and will be putting a tour together for a couple of the new releases. Next up is The Jericho in Oxford on Feb 16th, then The Railway in Winchester on March 1st, home town show at the Purple Turtle in Reading on March 14th, Off The Cuff in Brixton on April 13th and then another London show at The Monarch in Camden on May 3rd.



Any more big plans for 2018?

That would be telling wouldn’t it…


Which bands/artists are you listening to right now?

All sorts. We stuck a playlist together on our Spotify of all the good music we’re listening to -- Sheafs, Calva Loiuse, Circa Waves, Black Honey, Queens of the Stone Age, Peace, the list goes on!


Big thanks to Mellor for speaking to us! Make sure to follow the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and listen below on Spotify.


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