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Meiko – Back In The Game [Review]

Meiko – Back In The Game [Review]

Indie-pop songstress Meiko is back with her bold and empowering new single ‘Back In The Game’.

Meiko - Back In The Game

If you’re a fan of the likes of Lana Del Ray or BANKS, Meiko could be your new favourite artist! Her sound ranges somewhere in between indie-pop and coffeehouse folk which is in itself an innovative fusion of genres thus making her independent and confident break-up anthem of a song a well crafted representation of her as an artist.

The song focuses on getting “back in the game” after a break-up and oozes boldness right from the very start with its strong acoustic guitar and prominent drum beats. Meiko’s vocals are soft yet powerful, whilst her catchy lyrics allow us to make no mistake: she’s a strong, independent woman on a mission to put the heartbreak behind.

Meiko’s music could be the blend of mellow yet vibrant indie-pop that you’ve been looking for! Make sure to check out the new single “Back In The Game” and keep her on your radar.


Review by Sian Vadher

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