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Me Not You – Surfers [Review]

Me Not You – Surfers [Review]

New York, grunge rock duo, Me Not You, have released their latest tune ‘Surfers’, which is their third single from the upcoming EP, ‘Reckoning 2’.

The duo, Niki Taylor and Eric Zeiler, former members of Little Daylight, have continued their sound of indie pop mixed with electronics and although Surfers has a different mood to their previous songs, it definitely in keeps with duos aesthetics.

The song begins with a steady drum beat, which is joined quickly by a distorted electrical guitar, that creates a catchy melody. Niki Taylor’s vocals instantly lighten the song and compliments the musical arrangement. Her vocals make the song softer but at the same time keeps that edgy vibe that we all know and love with Me Not You.

This song oozes emotion with compelling lyrics describing a familiar stranger, which was influenced by a life altering day for the pair, which was spent in Asbury Park, meeting someone that changed their lives forever. You can feel the personal connection, that Niki Taylor and Eric Zeiler both have with the song, which enhances the quality and enjoyment you receive from listening to it.

A truly incredible piece of music, why not check them out and give them a listen. Amazing work guys, keep it up!


Review by Lucy Coombs

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