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Maxime – The Honest Me Pt 1 [Review]

Maxime – The Honest Me Pt 1 [Review]

With a tender voice and heartfelt lyrics, LA-based artist Maxime is pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a pop artist.

Although often compared to the likes of Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes, Maxime is in a category all his own. Maxime’s debut album, ‘The Honest Me Pt 1’, is the product of successfully combining elements of musical theatre, film scoring, and excellent songwriting.

The Honest Me Pt 1 all started in France, where Maxime began songwriting. What was once a collection of 16 songs, became a carefully curated 7 songs that cover a full range of emotions and experiences. His most popular single, ‘Is This Love’ is the perfect introduction to what Maxime does best. Placing countermelodies in plucked strings, Maxime’s delicate yet powerful voice sits atop an orchestral arrangement that makes your heart swell. In contrast ‘Welcome to the World’, another memorable track, provides an introspective take about the age of social media and encourages listeners to find beauty in everyday life. This track features marimba and piano during the verses and transitions into a trap-like beat, in a well executed and charming manner.

Maxime’s album is intriguing, reminiscent of the period where artists like The Script, One Republic, and Coldplay were topping the charts. Through catchy choruses, and careful instrumentation Maxime manages to take what might seem like a far fetched concept, and make it come to life beautifully.


Review by Tymie Jadagu

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