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Maudlin Strangers – Midnight [Review]

Maudlin Strangers – Midnight [Review]

Following on from the debut EP Overdose, Maudlin Strangers return with a super-cool second EP Midnight.



From start to finish you are thrown into catchy beats and cool cuts, influenced by the smoother side of the 80s music scene. The rhythm and lead sections capture your full attention throughout and I got the feeling I could be in Grand Theft Auto driving round Vice City with the roof down.

There’s also a relaxing vibe to this EP, created through dreamy synth effects and nice guitar work which ties it all up perfectly. The vocals are draped over the instrumentation, mirroring the dream-like synth effects. It’s clearly a well thought out compilation, and keeps consistent without getting too familiar.

There are loose comparisons to the more recent Arctic Monkey tracks (post Humbug) drawn from the style of the beat and vocal melodies. This is dark indie done right, with an edgy feel we can’t get enough of.

As a one man band, Maudlin Strangers stands out from the crowd and everything comes from the mind of Jake Hays, based in California. It’s impressive considering the complexity and production quality of the tracks.

There aren’t any plans for a tour at the time of writing but I’m sure that it won’t be too long before you’ll be able to get down and can hear this EP live. In the meantime, you can stream it above, or download on iTunes here.


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