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Matthew S – Waves on the Moon [Review]

Matthew S – Waves on the Moon [Review]

‘Waves on the Moon’ is the comeback track of Matthew S, shifting focus away from the limitations of modern music to create an atmospheric track that transports you to another dimension.

Matthew S aims to utilize oriented chord progressions to create a synaesthetic discourse. The landscape he creates is filled with interesting synth sounds that guide you through a journey of what feels like space. Instead of lyrics. He allows the piano to be the voice of the piece, striking and insightful. He also incorporates dissonance, something mainstream artists don’t typically attempt in order to make a texturized track.

Coming from Vicenza Italy, Matthew S cites his cultural upbringing as well as artists like Jon Hopkins and Max Cooper as influences on his music. Fans of artists like The Album Leaf and Sigur Rós will appreciate what Matthew S. brings to the table with his newest release.


By Tymie Jadagu

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