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Mateo H – Waiting Here [Review]

Mateo H – Waiting Here [Review]

Waiting Here is the latest track from Meteo H.

Following on from his debut Burst, Mateo H has released a haunting bit of post-punk indie delight. Waiting Here is constructed in a way that makes you fall for it on first listen. You are drawn into the sweetly woven guitar lead part. It has a vulnerable charisma that you instantly connect with.

There’s a great mix of influences with this one. You have the meticulous attention to detail and dreamy atmosphere of Foals, fused with the effortlessly memorable vocal pattern, not dissimilar to the Strokes. Mateo H has produced something that is a real treat for the senses. Waiting Here is a masterful and enticing piece of music that you will find hard to put down.

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