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Marti West – Salt [Review]

Marti West – Salt [Review]

Ambient wisps of synthesizers eerily fluctuate to set the scene on Marti West’s most recent single, ‘Salt’.

Just as the song is memoir to the Swedish summers and time spent in the salty sea, the calming synths shift like the waves to ease into the stripped back acoustic song. ‘Salt’ is a reflection on the drive back from the beach in summer, that now, during the relentless Scandinavian winter months, Marti sees as a ‘welcome sanctuary’. The song steadily and smoothly churns through the gears, as it blissfully coasts along through melodic bends and traverses over gentle melancholic hills. The minimalistic approach Marti took has been captured perfectly as the spacey and soft qualities to ‘Salt’ are incredibly calming.

Having spent time in the UK playing at venues such as the Troubadour in London, Marti left England to start on new music in Sweden where it is clear to see how the sparse landscapes and reduced lifestyle effected his song writing. Just like the waves in the sea and the bends in the road that Marti reminisces on, ‘Salt’ sways between chorus and verse to recreate the sanctuary he once found. And in mirror to the story Marti is telling, it would be ideal to listen to whilst driving home after a soothing day and not wanting it to end.


Review by Matt Fishwick

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