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Marmalakes – Not Gonna Control You [Review]

Marmalakes – Not Gonna Control You [Review]

Marmalakes add yet another layer of excitement ahead of their eagerly awaited debut album with “Not Gonna Control You”.

A mainstay of the Austin, TX indie scene for the better part of a decade, Marmalakes are finally set to release their highly anticipated debut LP Please Don’t Stop in May, and on the back of the strength of recent releases, it promises to be worth the wait.

Maintaining the highly melodic sensibilities of the largely acoustic previous single “New Sweden”, on “Not Gonna Control You” the band up the ante and show off the full range of their talents. The opening smooth, groovy bass and drums are quickly joined by shimmering, atmospheric guitars before Chase Weinacht bursts in with swaggering vocals that cue the band to strip back for the verse. The vocal holds the track together, providing a continuity as the track evolves through an unpredictable multiplicity of sounds.

There’s a dreamy ethereality running throughout the track’s many twists and turns, sounding at once organic and otherworldly. Every idea in the track, and there are many, works brilliantly, seamlessly integrating every element into splendid coherence. We can’t wait for the album!


Review by Jamie George

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