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Marlia Project – Palisandros [Review]

Marlia Project – Palisandros [Review]

Inspirational indie-folk artist Marlia Project has just released her brand new album ‘Palisandros’.

Palisandros is a curious and diverse record, certain to fascinate and intrigue fans of world music and obscure engaging tones and instrumentation.

Although quite short in terms of tracks, Marlia Project packs a lot into six short tracks, especially with the last song reaching close to 20 minutes in length. The album surely takes you on a journey, exploring a plethora of sounds from an improvised hand pan solo to classical Indian passages, which displays a testament to her versatility.

The album offers the listener a chance to look inwards and outward simultaneously, bringing forth soothing vocal performances with a spiritual message at the centre.

According to Marlia Project, she has journeyed around the world with her music, seeking enlightenment from her experiences, as well as providing it for others.

Since releasing her debut album, she has taken her craft to the farthest corners of the globe, currently in the midst of her ‘Rising VOICE’ tour, offering live performances and workshops for her audience. Inspired by the likes of Bjork, Imogen Heap and Rising Appalachia, Marlia offers a truly unique experience within her sound.

With a growing presence she is a powerful voice in the world of ‘Ceremonial/medicine music’ and the rising global community of people who are committed to residing in harmony with the Earth.

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