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Mark Browning – Out of Nowhere

Mark Browning – Out of Nowhere

Mark Browning has just released an excellent solo album Out from Nowhere.

One of the founding members of the Pittsburgh-based band Sandoz which was signed to the New York label Relix Records in the 1990s, Browning puts a heavy influence on lyrics,with musical influences including songwriters such as Bruce Cockburn, Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, Tom Waits, and Bob Dylan.

Browning’s own material comes out of what could be called a rather Whitmanesque lifestyle.

“Born into a military family, I have traveled all my life.” Browning says. “Must have gotten into my blood. Never cared much for routine. I started out in biology, collecting reptiles for zoos and museums, but then just traveled. I pruned apple trees in NY, farmed wheat in Washington state, painted houses in Key West, drove truck in New York City, published articles in magazines, wrote scientific papers, hiked the Amazon and Andes, even ended up training sea lions for a few years.”

This album brings together strong lyrics, catchy melodies and a wide range of relatable topics to create a ode to rock-country music. There’s plenty here to sink your teeth into, so give it a listen!

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