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Marie Naffah – Honey & Air [Review]

Marie Naffah – Honey & Air [Review]

Honey & Air is the double single release from Marie Naffah.

It’s an interesting conceptual release from the superbly talented singer-songwriter. Both Honey and Air share the same lyrics, however, that’s where the similarity ends. Honey is an upbeat, dream-pop venture, with twee nuances and an ultimate feel-good impression. Air, on the other hand, takes a more thoughtful and introspective take, as the sombre drone effect matches the exquisite vocals perfectly.

Rounding off the conceptual journey, Nafffah invites to you take part through a bespoke website. Here you can find curated playlists to mirror each track, as well as recommendations on how to experience each one. It’s an immaculate release that considers absolutely everything, clearly pushing the boundaries of listener interaction to the max.

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