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Margot Polo – Dangerous [Review]

Margot Polo – Dangerous [Review]

Margot Polo’s Dangerous is not a self-help track, it’s much more important than that.

Quickly running after their last tune, Sing Hallelujah, David Provenzano’s Californian based indie-pop outfit, Margot Polo, has secured former Honey Trees’s vocalist Becky Flip to ensure this track flows and hangs music and lyrics effortlessly together. Essentially a call to arms for young women to make it through life independently, and without interference (that clash of modern living even if love becomes a distraction) the message is loud and clear through this RnB synth track.

Provenzano, singer/songwriter with Fialta and Sherwood has been around long enough to know his way around cultural beats and 90s groove chants and deserves much more international exposure. This latest solo-single Dangerous is testament to that. The song commences with an orchestral synth hammer beat which present itself into Provenzo’s clear cut harmonic vocals backed with his pulsating electronic rhythms and solid percussive beats. Flip’s pop-soul modern swirling vocals ensure the message is clear and not cut ‘n’ paste from long forgotten self-help guides.

A song that does not falter or withdraw to defeat – bold, it is courageous through its electronica. Another mindful, intelligent and thoughtful tune of which not only gets us up physically but metaphorically to champion the protagonist’s fight. One of Margo Polo’s most capturing submissions to date.


Review by Craig Beauman

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