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Marcus Alland – Lemme See [Review]

Marcus Alland – Lemme See [Review]

Marcus Alland’s newest single ‘Lemme See’ is a playful mix of genres with a catchy chorus that is sure to catch your ear.

The song begins with quiet synths and escalates to a full blown dance pop ensemble, complete with pots and pan-like percussion effects. Marcus Alland’s vocals come in and the hip hop element of the song brings the entire track together.

The best part of the song, is the simple chorus. The rhythmic pattern he utilizes during the chorus is one I haven’t heard frequently used in Pop or Hip Hop music as of lately, which is extremely refreshing to hear. Fans of artists like Mura Masa will appreciate the production of the song. Overall the track is upbeat and lively, a perfect way to countdown the end of summer.


By Tymie Jadagu

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