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Marcus Alland – Come Alive [Review]

Marcus Alland – Come Alive [Review]

This is ‘Come Alive’, the latest mixtape single from Marcus Alland, courtesy of Good Vibe Music & Swe Records.



A smooth reverb-laced guitar line sets the mood for this one, moving swiftly into tight bars and more silk instrumentals. Alland’s deep vocals have a special quality, equal parts stern and sensual, creating a truly distinctive tone.

‘Come Alive’ isn’t too heavy in terms of subject matter, but it does have an infectious nature. It’s an escape, without attempting to be anything it isn’t; like a light-hearted Gambino with a more relaxed tone.

In fact, at times Alland’s flow and lyrical cadence reminds me of a sonically-deeper Donald Glover, with more airy, less sombre bars that you can kick back to or dance to or generally get lost in pretty easily.

If you haven’t already, hit play above to check this one out and add it to your playlists. Oh, and don’t forget to follow Marcus Alland on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for all the latest.

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