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Mansell – Size [Review]

Mansell – Size [Review]

Following on from their acclaimed first EP, ‘Mantra’, Mansell are back with a great new tune, ‘Size’, showcasing an eclectic mix of styles to whet the appetite.

It starts with a haunting concoction of droning sounds and tender guitar finger picking, followed by heavenly, indiesque vocals and a free flowing bass line. The sound is big, inviting you to fall into the song and surround yourself with excellently crafted tonal resonance. The main thing that catches your attention is the various parts the song goes through. It has elements of math rock like early Foals, but also has a tinge of late 2000’s indie fused in, similar to bands like The Maccabees. They also stamp their own style on the cut by bringing the underlying drone and soft vocals back to the forefront every so often, and a bass line that is smooth yet punchy. Its difficult to find something that doesn’t appeal to you in this track.

There is also a lot more than meets the eye from this band from Atlanta. They independently self produce compositions and visual projects and also dabble in clothing, too. With so much that is going on, it’s impressive that they have managed to find the time to produce a fantastic new track, which will be the first of many new installations from the group in 2018.


Review by Tom Crowder

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