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Mammoth Indigo – Whiskey King [Review]

Mammoth Indigo – Whiskey King [Review]

‘Whiskey King’ is an incredibly grand statement from US indie band Mammoth Indigo.

It’s always a big risk to go for such a layered and progressive sound so early on in a bands career, but it’s a risk that pays off handsomely for Mammoth Indigo. Having released just one studio album back in 2013, the band returns here with something very different.

Their debut album took on more of a sombre and slow approach to indie rock, whereas as ‘Whiskey King’ goes for a sound that builds, and erupts, in a way seems a million miles away from the sounds of their debut. It’s the same for their other recent single ‘Flowers in the Basement’. The beginning of the song is incredibly bass driven, with an excellent rumbling that combines perfectly with the drums and vocals. It becomes more layered as the track continues, with both big, heavy guitars and delicate, electronic influenced sounds.

The vocals seem to have an almost tortured quality to them, and they stick in your ear long after the song has finished. It’s an ambitious sound that the band goes for here, but it’s executed very well, and the track as a whole is very well produced.

The singles ‘Whiskey King’ and ‘Flowers in the Basement’ are set to appear on their upcoming album ‘Wilt’ which is set to be released at some point during the spring.


Review by Joseph Russ

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