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Mammoth Indigo – Flowers in the Basement [Review]

Mammoth Indigo – Flowers in the Basement [Review]

Straight from their newly anticipated album ‘Wilt’, Mammoth Indigo have released an energetic and powerful track ‘Flowers in the Basement’.

The tune starts with soft vocals accompanied by an understated guitar riff, delicately draped over a relentlessly melodic bass line. Subtle signs of distortion and keys enter the fold, getting you ready for the climatic finish which sweats power and emotion from every metaphorical musical pore.

There is an eclectic mix of influences injected into this track, ranging from late Foals to Grizzly Bear, with hints of more recent styling of bands in the electro-pop canon like Twenty One Pilots. They’ve taken those influences twisted them to make something of their own. Mammoth Indigo have created a busy yet balanced cut that tantalises you long after the song has finished.

You don’t have long to wait for the finished album as it will drop sometime this/next month and you’ll be able to catch these talented lads from Virginia at the SXSW festival later on in the year. Be sure to check them out because it’s gonna be an absolute banger! Whilst you wait have a listen to ‘Flowers in the Basement’ to whet your appetite!


Review by Tom Crowder

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