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Malson – I’ll Be Waiting My Love [Review]

Malson – I’ll Be Waiting My Love [Review]

22-year-old producer, songwriter and rapper Malson has just dropped his latest single ‘I’ll Be Waiting My Love’.

Based in Stockholm, Malson has put out there several tracks over the years all slotting into a variety of genres as he is searching for labels and exposure. Unlike many artists he isn’t satisfied with the DIY approach to making music after finding success on Spotify with his track ‘high heels’ with has received over 79,000 streams.

His latest musical rendition focuses more on the more electronic music scene with autotuned vocals and disco vibes merged into it. Filled with small sparks of a spacey theme with what sounds like ray guns being fired ‘I’ll Be Waiting My Love’ contains a pleather of sounds making it a more creative rendition of the whole electronic genre.

This track is also the B-side to a single called ‘7:30 in the Morning’ which has a track called ‘Appetite’ on the A-side. This single also follows the more disco route with everything being thrown into the future note by note. It just goes to show what a diverse artist Malson is turning out to be, making his future projects something to really look forward to.


Review by Charlie Hall

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