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Makichi – Let Me Breathe [Review]

Makichi – Let Me Breathe [Review]

This is ‘Let Me Breathe’, the intriguing new single from indie electronic band Makichi.

Inspired by the tragic murder of George Floyd, ‘Let Me Breathe’ is the immerseive and intruiging new single from award winning Iranian band Makichi. The lyrics also feature part of a Persian poem by Fereidoun Moshiri, Makichi said the music and lyrics came to them quickly. “We saw George Floyd as a symbol for everyone suffocating by the power and it inspired us to write this music in his honour”.

Mixed by Faraz Taali, who also did the post production, and recorded at Makichi studio, ‘Let Me Breathe’ is another thought provoking release from the duo, with a very poignant message. Speaking about the release, Makichi says “We all need to breathe these days #Covid19.”

Makichi is an indie electronic band originally formed in Iran and now living in France. Formed of two members, the band name means Us/Who/What and represents the ownership and accountability of their music. Last year Makichi were awarded the Global Music Awards silver medal for their ep ‘Error’ and have also been commended for their music videos. The duo who are also a couple delightfully fuse Iranian composer Ash’s musicianship with Sonia’s combined rock and Persian vocal style. The duo have amassed an impressive following on social media and Spotify thanks to their complex and introspective music.

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