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Magic Nic – Yes I Do [Review]

Magic Nic – Yes I Do [Review]

Following on from his debut Move on, Magic Nic has released his second single, Yes I Do.

The thing I like most about the Australian blues artist is the ability he has in adopting a sound and running with it. Like his debut track, Move On, Yes I Do has the same raw, emotionally powerful prowess and outright grace. Again, the minimalist approach is constructed in a way that connects with you, gripping you whilst you saunter through the 3-minutes 20-second melody.

Yes I Do is a fantastic second single from an artist who is clearly on the top of their game. You still have the Jeff Buckley inspired wandering flow, but this time it’s boosted by a Dylan-eque folk-like feel. The addition of the harmonica is a great touch, giving the track a more country-blues edge. Overall, this track is one to take note of and be sure to keep an eye out for more.

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