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Magic Nic – Move On [Review]

Magic Nic – Move On [Review]

Magic Nic brings us his debut single Move On.

Magic Nic brings his lo-fi blues-inspired sound to the masses with his first single from his upcoming cassette tape release. The swooning, minimalist guitar work has plenty of character and is instantly likeable. The track sweeps you away, as the sweetly woven vocals and the raw aesthetic burrows deep into your soul. It’s an impressive first track from the Australia based songwriter.

The vulnerable feel that flows throughout is similar to ‘Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk’ era Jeff Buckley. Magic Nic brings the same versatile vocal range of the late alternative maestro, as well as the jarring swagger that Buckley possessed. This is bundled together with early Black Keys infused nuances, which give the track a more accessible edge. Overall, this is a sensational track, which gives the listener so much more than your average blues-infused ditty.

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