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Maggie Schneider – 695 North Avenue [Review]

Maggie Schneider – 695 North Avenue [Review]

Maggie Schneider hits us with her awesome new pop-rock anthem ‘695 North Avenue’.

Maggie Schneider describes 695 North Avenue, aka The Masquerade, as a real home from home to her. The singer, song-writer played her first ever gig there and then went on to support State Champs at the very same venue so it’s no mystery as to why she feels so connected to the place!

‘695 North Avenue’ is a heartfelt and nostalgic pop ballad, filled with warming memories of Maggie’s musical home. It’s an upbeat, feel-good track, filled with sweet lyrics and warming vocals that keep you from sitting still whilst listening to it!

To a listener unfamiliar with Schneider’s relationship with The Masquerade, the song sounds like a classic love song but if you listen closely, there are some clever references to the venue, such as the line “we’ve been to all three stages of the afterlife”- portraying the three interior stages at The Masquerade: Heaven, Purgatory and Hell.

The song is the first from Schneider’s debut EP ‘Tinted Glasses’ which came out in mid-January. I look forward to hearing more of her music as time goes on and would definitely recommend keeping an eye out for this fresh new voice to the music scene!


Review by Sian Vadher

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