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Maeve Louise Heaney – Strange Life

Maeve Louise Heaney – Strange Life

 ‘Strange Life: The Music of Doubtful Faith’ is the brand new album to come from Irish singer songwriter Maeve Louise Heaney.

 The fourteen track album celebrates human life and thought, challenging the listener to reach for new insight. The album was slow in birthing, and in one way is quite diverse. Each song picks up on one aspect, challenge, or question in human life that is worth naming.” explains Maeve, who recorded the album at The SongStore in Victoria, Australia. Produced by Adrian Hannan, Maeve also got musicians from around the world to sing on the album with her, building a beautiful sense of community within the record. Maeve Louise Heaney has been providing more insight into the album background and process on her YouTube channel.

“Ours is a strange life: beautiful, unique, loved, but also tough, unclear, and incomplete.”

A singer and songwriter from Ireland, Maeve’s music seeks to explore the truthful dimensions of life, often under the surface of ourselves, that music helps us access. Maeve Louise Heaney is also a theologian and Catholic religious belonging to a young Institute of Consecrated life called Verbum Dei (Word of God). Currently based in Brisbane, Australia, she has a role in the Catholic University there, while she continues to explore life and her faith through the power of music.

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