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Emerging pop sensation Madilyn Bailey hits a high score with ‘Tetris,’ her first UK release.

If the name Madilyn Bailey looks familiar, then you’re probably one of the 700,000,000 people who have viewed her viral cover videos on YouTube. Bailey’s newest release, an original track entitled ‘Tetris’, looks set to expand her musical horizons even further. Pulling together all the strongest elements of contemporary pop, ‘Tetris’ opens to a chill, electronic beat and building synths. However, it’s Bailey’s powerful yet playful vocals, and the track’s rhythmic, energetic chorus, that shape ‘Tetris’ into a radio-ready pop hit.

Bailey has already proven her vocal chops through her series of cover videos. ‘Tetris,’ however, sees the small town American songstress experiment with the EDM sounds that are dominating contemporary pop right now, particularly in the work of Charlie XCX, Kiiara, and Louis the Child.

Using the extended metaphor of slotting together shapes in a game of Tetris, Bailey tells the story of two contrasting lovers coming together and finding their perfect match, despite appearing to be polar opposites. Her clever songwriting reflects the influence of pop icons Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, though Bailey’s unique style shines through vividly.

The official lyric video continues to creatively play on the Tetris theme, complete with nostalgic arcade game effects. The video, like the track itself, reflects Bailey’s distinct, captivating personality. In an age where female pop singers are increasingly pushing traditional boundaries and expressing their true individualities, Madilyn Bailey is definitely one to watch.


Review by Lucy O’Toole

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