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Madelyn Grant – Reasons [Review]

Madelyn Grant – Reasons [Review]

Madelyn Grant brings us her smooth new track Reasons.

With a new take on the classic soul sound, Madelyn Grant uses the retro and makes it something completely new. Reasons is the second release in 2020 from the talented Detroit native. You are drawn in by the thumping bass tones and mellifluous vocals. It’s tough to find fault with this one as you can’t help but to swing along to the tantalising groove.

Reasons connects with you on another level, making you sit up straight and listen. At the same time, you are invited to get lost in the tender undertow. It’s an impressively mixed bag, with the vocals coming straight from 70s soul scene and the excellently arranged production not far from the great Quincy Jones. Reasons is a fantastic track that you will find difficult to put down.

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