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Made Of Stone – Never Again [Review]

Made Of Stone – Never Again [Review]

LA-based ambient rock band Made of Stone share their awesome single Never Again.

This is a marvellously mellow alt rock track, where engaging vocals take precedent over a minimal, laid-back instrumental. When a track relies heavily of vocal lines, they need to be on point, and Made of Stone lead vox draw you in from start to finish.

Don’t expect big crescendos or thumping bass lines from this one. The track sets a steady pace and sticks to it, preferring to break from the traditional rock formula and forge a new path of ambient, soothing alt-rock tones.

Only recently formed in July of 2019, Made of Stone claim they came together with the simple goal of creating music they believe in and sharing it with as many people around the world as possible. They say they believe the music should speak for itself – and it does! So if you haven’t already, hit play above.

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