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MAB – 142 [Review]

MAB – 142 [Review]

This is the 142 EP, the latest release from MAB.

MAB are all about creating – whether it’s music, poetry or a screenplay, they are a melting pot of art in several forms. They describe their latest EP 142 as a record that “reveals some of our dreams, struggles, and existential thoughts in a 24-hour cycle”.

Into the sunrise, the latest single, gives us the perfect blend of sounds for a summer hit. This track is another brilliant portrayal of their artistic talent. Into the sunrise takes the listener on a journey, and the lyrics signify a new adventure. If you ever drive into the sunset with no plan in mind, as so many of us dream of doing, do it to this song.

With a slow start giving full focus on the vocal melodies, teamed with the sounds of a piano, the track then launches into an upbeat tempo. With a catchy beat throughout, Into the sunrise has a mix of electric sounds which air of Daft Punk, and as an electric guitar bounces around the beat throughout, it transports the listener to a vast, sunnier land. With soft melodies that showcase beautiful layered harmonies, it’s a combination of catchy club hit and soulful funk. Definitely one for the summer soundtrack!


Review by Helen Radford

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