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M w S – Fallin’ in Love [Review]

M w S – Fallin’ in Love [Review]

We’re Fallin’ in Love with this sexy new track from M w S.

MwS dropped their new track ‘Fallin’ In Love’ just in time for the corporate sham Valentines Day – but we don’t blame them, this track is perfect soundtrack for the season of love.

There are touches of Erykah Badu in here, and there’s something sultry about the way the vocals skat over the syncopated bass groove, as Giulia bounces lines back and forth with feature artist Davide Shorty. In a different song the lyrics could be construed as a little cliché – but maybe thats the point here, it’s clean and effective without feeling tired – and if thats the key to good writing MwS have got it locked down.

Perhaps some of thanks can be put to the excellent production constructed by Natty Dub, it’s a unique backing track that puts musicality and rhythm before showy effects. It’s paradoxically simple and complex at the same time, a bit like love really.

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