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Swedish based artist, Luminous Kid, has released his debut single The Gutter of Our Ecstasy.

The track is an orchestral ballad that combines elements of folk with inspiring drone music, a-la Sigur Rós. It’s a musical odyssey that is a perfect example of less is more. Whether it’s the vulnerable vocal style, or the delicate mix of string instruments, everything is stripped back, creating a steady rise to the drop.

When the drop hits, you get to see the real talent that’s on show. It becomes ethereal, allowing the song to take on a different form. The minimalistic nature remains underneath, but with the addition of electric guitars, horns and a thumping drumming pattern, the music turns into a wall of sound. Overall, it’s an impressive track that’s executed fantastically and will be followed up with a debut album soon, so watch this space!

By Tom Crowder

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