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Luke MacRoberts – No One’s Watching [Review]

Luke MacRoberts – No One’s Watching [Review]

Luke MacRoberts takes us back to the 80s with his latest track No One’s Watching.

Luke MacRoberts - No Ones Watching (Official Video)

Luke MacRoberts is no stranger to making music. He’s been writing songs almost all his life and had stints playing in bands in both Chicago and Mexico City. No One’s Watching is his latest solo release and is filled to the brim with 80s chorus effects and dreamy vocals.

The powerful vocals are similar to the late, great David Bowie. They drive the song on over the tender synth-filled underbelly. The clinical synth tones hark back to 80s pioneers Depeche Mode, bringing a superb edge to the tune. MacRoberts describes the track as a ‘love song for the optimistic nihilist’ which suit the new romantic feeling the track oozes perfectly. No One’s Watching is the debut track from his upcoming EP Leftovers.

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