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Luka James – Hazy Dreams [Review]

Luka James – Hazy Dreams [Review]

Luka James shares his latest track Hazy Dreams.

Luka James - Hazy Dreams (Official Music Video)

Considering this is a track that is super mellow, it certainly packs a punch. James channels his varying influences to create a stellar alt-pop tune. The low key synth tones are used in such a way that makes you sit back and listen as his multi-layered vocals float over the top. It’s a stand out track from a stand out performer.

The most striking thing about Hazy Dreams is how James manages to convey the sheer emotion through a mainly minimalist approach. It’s the old adage of less is more that shines through here. With the help of the solemn synth tones, his excellent vocals boost the tunes likability, creating a sound that is distinctive and memorable. Hazy Dreams is out now for you to enjoy.

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