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Here’s the new video for ‘Contrails’, the latest track from alt-folk outfit All The Luck In The World.

Heads up. Literally. There’s not many bands that can boast ten million plays of their tunes on Spotify, nor brag about having one of them featured on a TV advert for a leading travel information portal. Well, alt-folk trio All The Luck In The World can. Not that they’re shouting about it, even when this unassuming Irish band continue the holiday escape theme with their latest single, ‘Contrails’.

Along with other summertime essentials and primed for summer playlists ‘Contrails’ continues the band’s looping harmonies and delicate vocals altogether enough to guarantee their continuing popularity among traditional foot-tappers and more progressive festival goers.

The song’s beat builds its basis musically, while the lyrics, reflecting the title, provides the narrative covering those all too familiar moments of brief encounter: a chance meeting of strangers, a conversation on a station platform, or a passing of comment in a bar; only to disappear as life moves on – to cherish or lament. The song deciphers and accompanies those brief and, emotional feelings. You’ll know what I mean. If not, the tune will take you there, slowly, definitely and completely.


Review by Craig Beauman

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