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Lucille – Kerikeri [Review]

Lucille – Kerikeri [Review]

Kerikeri is the latest single from singer-songwriter Lucille.

While Kerikeri may fit all the rhythmic hallmarks of a country song, it’s sure to pleasantly surprise you with a vocal and melodic tones that feel similar to that of jazz-pop, blending organic boot stomping and loose, raw guitar sounds to create a chilled jam-band-style sound.

You can really feel Kerikeri’s underlying message, and the passion with which Lucille shares it. This is a song brimming with nostalgia about magical childhood memories. You’re immediately transported to a beautiful new place, which is a testament to Lucille’s ability to create atmosphere and truly connect with the listener.

The track also comes with a stunningly animated lyric video to boot, so hit play and drift away with Lucille to Kerikeri.

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