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This is an Arrangement by Lovers Touch brings old and new together to make one groovy tune and an even groovier music video. It’s disco, rock, and soul all wrapped up together.

Lovers Touch – a Toronto based quintet – described their sound as “dad rock.” Singer and rhythm guitarist, Shane Hooper explained: “The hope is that we can be successful in getting others interested in the kind of rock that interested us growing up, and still interests us today.”

The three founders of the group – Hooper, lead guitarist Dexter Nash, and bassist Noah O’Neil – grew up exploring their parents’ record collections.

With the song’s distinct vocals, mellow bass line and soft percussion, you can hear the 70s soul influences. Their music video pays tribute to the late night music specials of the early 70s.

“We are very collaborative and because of that, we hit on many different genres,” O’Neil said. The band recently added drummer Andrew Taylor and keyboardist, trumpeter and vocalist Sam Lewis.

O’ Neil added: “The hope is that people will appreciate a song rather than be, ‘Oh, Lovers Touch sound like this!’”

The band show promise and with the potential of a constantly changing sound, we’re excited to see what’s next.


Review by Ellie Lewis

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