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Love Ghost – I’ll Be Fine [Review]

Love Ghost – I’ll Be Fine [Review]

Love Ghost release their single I’ll Be Fine for mental health awareness month.

I’ll Be Fine is a welcome throwback to the grunge-laden decade of the 1990s. The track is brimming with underlying metaphors and subtext, with an angsty, introspective edge and a relatable denial over one’s own feelings.

Despite it’s familiar and nostalgic sound – with Kobain-esque rasping vocals and dark, grinding instrumentals – Love Ghost have still managed to create a sound that feels fresh enough to appeal to mainstream audiences in 2020.

‘I’ll Be Fine’ is a song about depression and isolation,” according to Love Ghost frontman Finnegan Bell. “ It’s about when you’re so alienated that the only person that can tell you, that you’ll be aight, is yourself. I hope this song helps people that are dealing with depression and can alleviate kids that are feeling like an outsider. I have felt very alone in the past, but that doesn’t mean that things can’t get better. I hope this song gives hope because mental health is a marathon. You need to work on it every day.”

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