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Loud Hound – Fine By Me [Review]

Loud Hound – Fine By Me [Review]

Tommy Florio started the project Loud Hound two years ago and has just released his debut track under the name.

After breaking his foot from skateboarding and forced to be in his house all summer which just so happened to be right by the beach, he started recording. Loud Hound didn’t just record the odd track here and there, he started recording material after material. ‘Fine By Me’ is his debut single, which he released on SoundCloud a little over a month ago which gained quick traction in a very small space of time. With just under 10,000 plays and around 480 followers on the platform, it seems he has hit the sweet spot with his little indie track.

‘Fine By Me’ is filled with all the right rock and roll and surf style sounds being packed full of good times and rad vibes. Raw instrumentation and fun songwriting is the key to opening up your heart to a whole new wave of beach music that seems to be ever gaining popularity.


Review by Charlie Hall

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